Joining my group

If you are a UM undergrad/masters student:
I strongly encourage you to start here. Odds are, if I have undergrad research projects they will be listed here.

In general, I have a very limited number of slots that are available for undergraduates/Masters students at UM and they arise on a rolling basis. With very few exceptions, these projects will be predominantly applied healthcare projects. If you are interested please send me your CV, and transcript. Include [UM-Undergrad-research] in your subject line.

If you are not a UM student:
Please apply directly here and mention my name (as well as the names of all other UM faculty you're interested in working with) somewhere in the application. For the 2022 and 2023 cycle, my name will not appear in the dropdown menu of faculty. That's ok–I will still be able to see your application if you mention my name anywhere in your application.

Please note that:

  • I am not involved in the masters program at all.

  • I do not unilaterally make admissions decisions, so I cannot comment on your chances of getting in.

  • You are free to email me. However, there is a very high chance (almost certain) that I will not be able to respond. This is not because I don't care about your application. I do, greatly! But I cannot give you any information beyond what is on this page.

  • Emailing me does not change your chances of getting into the program.

  • If you still think it's important to email me, please include [UM-grad-candidate] in your subject line.