Maggie Makar

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Assistant professor in CSE, University of Michigan
E-mail: mmakar [at] umich [dot] edu
Physical location: BBB 3769
Twitter: @Maggiemakar
CV: As of Sept 2022
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About me

I study machine learning, causal inference, and the intersection between the two. My work focuses on building data-efficient causal inference methods in resource-constrained settings, and building robust predictive ML models using ideas from causality. Prior to UM, I completed my PhD in CSAIL, MIT and my bachelors degree in math and economics at Umass Amherst.

Joining my group

I am currently looking for PhD students to work with me. To get a better sense of my work and what my previous student collaborators have achieved please see the students page and the publications page.

Please read how to join before emailing me.

Selected Publications

Full list of publications here

  • Causally motivated multi-shortcut identification and removal
    J. Zheng, M. Makar
    NeurIPS, 2022 [workshop version, full paper forthcoming]

  • Causally-motivated shortcut removal using auxiliary labels
    M. Makar, B. Packer, D. Moldovan, D. Blalock, Y. Halpern, A. D'Amour
    AISTATS, 2022 [paper]

  • Exploiting structured data for learning contagious diseases under incomplete testing
    M. Makar, L. West, D. Hooper, E. Horvitz, E. Shenoy, J. Guttag
    ICML, 2021, [paper]

  • Estimation of Bounds on Potential Outcomes for Decision Making
    M. Makar, F. Johansson, J. Guttag, D. Sontag
    ICML, 2020 [paper]